109th Potomac 2014 Pictures
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Getting ready for revolver

Chris catting with a friend

"A" Revolver Team

The left side, 1st relay

Mike and Paul enjoying the shade

"B" Revolver Team

Mustering in the shade for Carbine

Our new tarp!

"C" Team mustering

Jeff and Rob preparing for the Carbine Match

Left side of the Carbine Line

Right side of the Carbine Line

"A" Carbine on the line for the first event

"C" Carbine on the line for the first event

"A" Carbine Team

"B" Carbine Team

"C" Carbine Team

Chris putting his piece away

Paul clean his piece!

"A" Smoothbore on-line

"C" Smoothbore on=line

"A" Smoothbore Team

"C" Smoothbore Team

Just finished the 1st event, 2nd relay

Jeff holding on for dear life!

Water is rising

and all you can do is laugh about!

Larry and Jeff,"is that really 25 yards"

The Blues starting to muster at our position

Left side of the line

Right side of the line

Jeff checking that all the kittens are in the box!

Must be a HIGH level discussion!

And another one?

Father Steve showing young son, Jeff how it's done!

Alex and Rob getting ready for the 1st event

Chris bring back one of Jeff Lights targets

and here it is, still good enough to use for Quals!

Our Musket Spectator

"A" Musket Team

"B" Musket Team

New Member Mike cleaning up after the match is done

Bill Elko doing the same, WHAT CLEANING, Bill is alway clean!

Larry thinking about cleaning

Chris showing off his bounty for the weekend, Well Done!

Final say before heading home