112th Potomac 2016 Pictures
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Jimmy is Here!

Getting a little close

Camp is set up

quick briefing before the match begins

"A" Revolver Team

"B" Revolver Team

Caught Paul Napping before the Carbine Match

The Blues preparing for the Carbine Match

Steve's helper Pete

We all want one as well

"A"Carbine Team

Hanging the dreaded stake!

"C" Team hanging their's too

"C" Team preparing for the next event

"B" Carbine Team

"C" Carbine Team

"A" Smoothbore Team

"B" Smoothbore Team

Sunday Morning Getting ready

There's Larry!

Left side of the firing line

Right side of the firing line

Jimmy's Ready!

Last words from the Commander

"A" Musket Team

Father, son, and an old Blue

Two retired guys

"B" Musket Team

Hanging the Pigeon Event

Paul giving last minute instructions

"A" Musket Stake results

"B" Musket Stake results

"A" Breechloader Team