117th National Pictures
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A Revolver Team

B Revolver Team

A Repeater Team

Repeater Team getting Ready

The Skies during the Repeater Match

A Smoothbore Team

A Carbine Team

B Carbine Team

Old lefty himself, Gene Ferguson

Winning B Carbine Team and New Record Time

Miss Ferguson with new bee/bee Gun

Mike and Kim's new shooter, Hunter on her 1st BDay

Dave and Mike with Friends

Darlene and crew getting ready for dinner

The Team waiting for the Dinner Bell

Sonny and Joyce after dinner walk

The Blues at opening ceremonies

A Musket Team

B Musket Team

C Musket Team

Winning C Musket Team

Winning B Musket Team

Musket/Carbine Agg Winners A Musket/Carbine Team

The Whole Team and Prizes

The Whole Team and Prizes 2nd view