120th National Pictures
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A Revolver Team

B Revolver Team

C Revolver Team

A Smoothbore Team

Sun-up Saturday Morning

A Carbine Team

B Carbine Team

C Carbine Team

Our Carbine Team Spectators

Carbine Skirmish Line (Left Side)

Carbine Skirmish Line (Right Side)

A Henry Team

2 Gold's for Kerri Altieri

Matt and Kerri

Saturday Dinner

Saturday Dinner

Saturday Dinner

Saturday Dinner

Lars picking up the A Carbine Medals

Gold for B Carbine

Gold for C Carbine

2nd Place A Single Shot Team

Gold for C Revolver Team

Hunter Loveless on the BIG Bike

A Musket Team

B Musket Team

C Musket Team

WBR 2009 Team Picture

Robert Freeman and all his BLING!