132nd National Pictures
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Thursday Individuals

Thursday Individuals

Saturday morning and John Maderious getting ready to go down

Chris trying to stay dry & getting ready for Carbine

"A" Carbine ready for the first event, Pigeons!

Steve trying bail the firing line for "B" Team

The team trying to fit under the tarp

Left side of the line

"A" Carbine Team

Right side of the line

Under the tarp moment!

"B" Carbine Team

Putting out Target materials

More moments under the tarp

"B" Carbine on-line

Dave shooting as a pick-up with some Reb's

Getting ready for Saturday night awards

Lon coming up to accept his plaque

Lon with his plaque

Jeff coming up to get B Revolver hardware

Now he has his hands full

Alex coming up to grap the hardware

"A" Carbine show their medals

"B" Carbine show their medals

"A" SingleShot Team accepting their hardware

"A" SingleShot Team posing for the cover

"A" Smoothbore Team picking up their Medals

What was left of "B" Smoothbore Posing with their hardware

Steve and Dave bailing out the firing line

More of the same

Trying to stay dry

Getting ready for the musket match

Getting ready for the Musket match

WBR during opening ceremonies

Sunday morning, left side

Sunday morning, right side

"A Musket Team

"A" Team on the line, First event

One of "A" Teams hits

"B" Musket Team

Larry & Jimmy rooting the team on

Paul H's big hits

"C" Musket Team

Steve with his Commanders Trophy