137th National Pictures
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Would you buy a car from this Guy?, Wednesday night poker

Thursday Morning, Chris's new digs!

Morning coffee?

Camp is quite for now

Thursday Individuals

More Individuals, Very WET!

Thursday night Poker game

Ready for the Revolver Match

"A"Revolver Team

Setting up for Smoothbore

Left side of the line

right side of the line

A Team on line for the 1st event

B Team on line

"A" Smoothbore Team

"B" Smoothbore Team

A Team setup their pop=up

B Team setup their pop=up

"B" SingleShot Team

B Team preparing for the next event

The Firing Line

"A" SingleShot Team

Our Line Judge, Larry

Getting ready for the Carbine Match

Left side of the Carbine line

Right side of the Carbine line

B Carbine on the line

New member George Fay blasting away!

"B" Carbine Team

"A" Carbine Team

Nice form Skip!

George after completing his first National Carbine Match

Relaxing after the matches

Dinner is served!

Enjoying the meal

Enjoying the meal

View from the porch

Nancy starting the awards cereimonies

Chris picking up "A" Carbines Medals

"B" Carbine Team getting their Medals

The offical B Carbine picture!

Chris picking up the Smoothbore Medals

Lars is here early!

Setting up for the Musket Match

Left side of the Musket line

Right side of the Musket line

C Musket getting ready

Larry, John, and Chris having a moment

"A"Musket Team

"B" Musket Team

"C" Musket Team

Dave's man bun!

Chris & Larry snaping caps

Team captan Paul collecting B's Musket medals

C Musket Team collecting their GOLD!

Offical pictures for C Musket

Offical pictures for C Musket