138th National Pictures
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Thursday morning Individuals

Thursday morning Individuals

Host Member maning the tower

Friday Morning, Getting ready for the Revolver Match

B Revolver getting ready

"B" Revolver Team

Between events

"A" Revolver

A Revolver setting up for the next event

Smoothbore match left side

Smoothbore match right side

Setting up for Smoothbore

I think this was a dare

A Team on-line for the 1st event

"A" Smoothbore Team

Dave relaxing before the SingleShot Match begins

B Smoothbore firing away

B Smoothbore firing away

Paul showing proper loading technique

B Smoothbore on-line

"B" Smoothbore Team

"A" Singleshot Team

"B" Singleshot Team

Getting ready for the Carbine Match

Left side of the Carbine line

Right side of the Carbine line

"B" Carbine Team

"B" Carbine Team side view

B Carbine on-line

Hear no evil, speak no evil, See no evil

"A" Carbine Team

B Carbine on-line and ready to go

Carbine Spectators

Lars came by to visit

Paul watching over the relay

Larry & Nancy conversing

Finished hanging the last event

Group chat during the Carbine Match

Aftermath of Dinner

Aftermath of Dinner

Next generation Of Blues in training

Next generation Of Blues in training

Next generation Of Blues in training

Sunday morning, Left side of the line

Sunday morning, Right side of the line

Fog finially lifted

Between events

C Team on-line

A Team on-line

"C" Musket Team

Crump Family

"A" Musket Team

"B" Musket Team

Musket Spectators