139th National Pictures
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Thursday morning Individuals

Thursday morning Individuals

Dave and Rob during Individuals

Thurday afternoon, Lon enjoying a good read

The boys telling storys about the days shooting

Jimmy and Holly taking a break

Paul trying to fix Dave's revolver

"A" Chris and Lars chating before the Revolver match

Left side of the Revolver Line

Jeff ready to go!

"B"Revolver Team

Paul is ready!

"A" Revolver Team

Lars has an admirer

A Team loading for the 1st Event

Setting up for the Smoothbore Match

Right side of the line

Left side of the line

The Smoothbore Peanut Gallery!

"A" Smoothbore Team

"B" Smoothbore Team

B Smoothbore on-line

B Smoothbore blazing away

Davy getting the last Tile!

"A" SingleShot Team

Shootings all done, now it's kid time!

Commander and Deputy Commander

Commander and Deputy Commander

Left side of the Carbine line

Right side of the Carbine line

Getting set up for the Carbine Match

Paul walking the line looking for Musket shooters to fill C Team

B Carbine on-line for the first event

B Carbine still blasting away

Lars timing for DSR

A Carbine on the line

"A" Carbine Team

"B" Carbine Team

Carbine's Peanut Gallery!

Dave with his trusty rake!

Mike resting between relays

Lars Cleaning his carbine

Steve doing his final checks on the targets

Cannon crew firing a salute to a fallen member

Ready, Set.....


Ready, Set.....


Ready, Set.....


Dinner time

Dinner Time

Dinner Time

Dinner Time

Dinner time

Saturday Award Cereomony starting

Alex picking up the "A" Team Medals

Alex showing off his Highest 50yrd Musket Award

And then there is Dave

Getting ready for the Musket Match

B Musket on-line

C Musket on-line

Left side of B Musket shooting Tiles

"A" Musket Team

Paul at his best!

"B" Musket Team

"C" Musket Team

2nd Phase coming down