Allegheny Regional Skirmish 2011 Pictures
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Waiting for the Revolver Match to begin

Bob Rider(AKA "quick draw Mcdraw") getting ready to draw on HP from the 17th

"A" Revolver Team

"B" Revolver Team

First to arrive for the Carbine Match

Great minds getting together

The minds are still together

Commander Alex deep in thought

Down ladies, down!

"A" Carbine Team

A Carbine online

A Carbine online

A Carbine Hanging Pigeons

B Carbine online during the pigeon brd

more of B Carbine online

Still more of B Carbine online

"B" Carbine Team

A Smoothbore online

More of A Smoothbore online

"A" Smoothbore Team

A Musket online

"A" Musket Team

"B"Musket Team