Allegheny Regional Skirmish 2014 Pictures
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"A" Smoothbore Team the Movie

Revolver Teams getting ready for the match

"A" Revolver Team

Getting ready for the Carbine match

Right side of the line

Even Paul is awake

Commander checking for deserters

"A" Carbine lining up for the first event

Another view of the line up

Jeff and Paul getting ready for steak & eggs

Chris with the 100 yard results

More of "A" Carbine getting ready for the dreaded steak event

"A" Carbine Team

"B" Carbine Team

Getting ready for Smoothbore match

Getting ready for Smoothbore match

"A" Smoothbore online for the first event

Paul waiting for the horn

Steve taking aim at the first pigeon

"A" Smoothbore Team

"B" Smoothbore Team

Sunday morning, getting ready for Musket

right side of the line

3 amigos or 3 stooges, your choice

Larry, making last minute adjustments

"A" Musket online for the first event, Pigeons

Lon holding court!

former member Tom Kavanaugh

"A" Musket Team

"B" Musket Team