Allegheny Regional Skirmish 2017 Pictures
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Chris and Nancy waiting for the match to begin

Jeff is ready too!

Jeff and Paul relaxing before Revolver

"A" Revolver on the line

"A" Revolver Team

Right side of the line

Left side of the line

Mike Loveless & Paul Davies

"Getting ready for the match

Paul preparing for the first event

"A" Carbine Team to the line

"A" Carbine on the line for the 1st event

Jeff in Position

Caught Paul sleeping again!

Result of the Bottle event

Gary showing off his hit

A close up of the hit

"A" Team on the line again

Getting ready for the Pots!

"A" Carbine firing at the Pots

"A" Carbine Team

"B" Carbine Team

Left side of the line for Smoothbore

Right side of the line for Smoothbore

"A" Smoothbore Team

"B" Smoothbore Team

"C" Smoothbore Team




Camera must be stuck

Having fun with it

Last one!

Dave and Nancy getting ready

Sunday morning left side of the line

Mike Loveless is joining us today

Getting ready for the match

Gary & Paul most likely talking guns!

Old Friend returns

Ready for the next event

Commander surveying the troops

Davy and John

Jeff and potential new recruit

Larry checking his phone

Steve Relaxing

Tiny bottles hung with care

Walking for the count

Davy and Jeff, another new joke

"A" Team on the line