Allegheny Regional Skirmish 2019 Pictures
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Commander Hall arriving on Saturday

Davy arriving on Saturday

Jeff, Alex, and Fred Herlingher before the Revolver Match

Jeff and Mike, Jeff is working

Paul and Lars before Revolver Match

Nancy arriving Saturday morning

"A" Revolver Team

"B" Revolver Team

Right side of the Carbine line

Left side of the Carbine line

Getting ready for the Carbine match

Mike relaxing before the Carbine Match

A Team on the line for the first event

Another view of A Team on the line

"B" Carbine on-line

Jeff and Paul before The Carbine Match

Skip inspecting the pigeon Board, Paul relaxing, Alex kibitzing

A Teams Rapid Fire Results

B Teams Rapid Fire Results

"A " Musket Team

"B" Carbine Team

Alex dusting a can during the Smoothbore Match

Larry watching the Smoothbore action

Nancy safing during Smoothbore

Setting up for the musket match

left Side of the musket line

Right Side of the musket line

Jeff and Alex planing strategy

Davy, Paul, & Nancy readying for musket

Paul with pigion Board

Mike setting up for musket

A Team's plate event

"A" Musket Team

Jeff talking it up!

B Team on the line

"B" Musket Team