Chesapeake Regional 2014 Pictures
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Steve relaxing before the Carbine Match

"A" Revolver Team

The Commander holding court!

I wish I was a fly on Dave's cart!

who da!, who da, oh it's Chris

Steve is wondering why Rob didn't buy him lunch!

Pete- where are the targets, Alex - mum, I'm sure I hung them?

"A" Carbine Team

"A" Carbine's online during the drywall event

"A" Carbine Drywall results

"B" Carbine Team

"B" Carbine Drywall results

"C" Carbine Team

"C" Carbine Drywall results

Our lonely Carbine Spectator!

Celebrating after the Carbine Match

Getting ready for the Match

Chris & Dave talking shop

Chris making the rounds

Snapping caps for the salute

High powered discussion

Is Paul sleeping?

What a motley crew!

The Blues at opening ceremonies

"A" Musket Team

"A" Musket online

"A" Team checking their board

"B" Musket Team

"C" Musket drywall results

A few of us checking out the Board

"A" Smoothbore Team

"B" Smoothbore Team