2nd Annual Dulany Troop Skirmish 2015 Pictures
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Dropping of material for the Carbine Match

Chris and Jeff first one's down

The 25 yard Junk event, 1st time it was hung!

Still Chris and Jeff??

Lar's K-cup "just missed it!"

Jeff explaining life

Davy watching the boys

"A" Carbine Team

"A" 3-Gun Team

"B" 3-Gun Team

Sunday Morning, trying to stay warm

Right side sun shine!

Lars checking his sights

Davy telling another joke

A Musket shooting pigeons

"A" Musket Team

A Musket on line agian

Is Davy telling another joke?

"B" Musket Team

Getting ready for Smoothbore

Our faithful spectator, Larry rooting us on

"A" Smoothbore Team