2015 EarlyBird Skirmish Pictures
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Look at that Wind!

Not too many Individual Shooters

"A" Revolver Team

Revolver Team getting ready for the first event

Paul Davies near miss

Getting ready for the Carbine Match

Right side of the firing line

100 yard Carbine targets!

"A" Carbine getting ready to shoot the pigeon board

"A" Carbine Team

"B" Carbine Team

"A" Hanging Blocks

"B" Hanging Blocks

Commander directing

Tom finishing up for "B"

"A"Smoothbore Team

Getting ready for the musket match

left side of the line

Right side of the line

"A" forming up for the first event

"A" Musket Team

25 yrd results, look at the icecicles!

The First Relay

John putting the final touch on his sight

Lars & Paul, gun talk?

Tom watching the next relay