McNeill's Rangers 2015 Pictures
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"A" Revolver Team

Getting ready for the Carbine Match

Wasn't me, it was the guy behind me!

New member Sean with Dad Rob and Pete

Pete with our recovering "A" Teamers, Lars and Gary

"A" Carbine Team

"A" Team's 2 minute rapid fire results

Steve coming back from inspecting the targets!

The Troops setting up 100 yard and Cleaning up at 50

"B" Carbine Team

The right side of the line

Getting Ready for the Musket Match

Right Side of the Musket line

"A" Musket Team

Bill Elko Helping out the 17th!

Lon Lacey Helping out the 17th!

Commander Jeff checking the rule book

"A" Smoothbore Team

"B" Smoothbore Team