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Steve Light has written several articles on the Keys to Good Shooting four of them are reproduced here:

Keys to Good Shooting: Mental Attitude

Keys to Good Shooting: Conditioning

Keys to Good Shooting: Consistency

Keys to Good Shooting: Moment of Truth

Several of the WBR shoot Jaeger Rifles, here is an interesting link that details some of it's history  -  Jaeger

Another Austrian, Jaeger article, by Joe Bilby at Austrian Lorenz

An aerial photograph courtesy of Paul Baltrumas of the McGregors 2nd Battery    Ft Shenandoah

Lone Star Skirmish Trip    Ft Shenandoah

Aid for Visually Challenged Older Shooters     Eye Problems

Many skirmishers use this company for molds and other supplies    Midway

Pedersoli - maker of high quality reproduction arms Davide Pedersoli Arms

Another great company for molds and other items Mid South Shooters Supply

Black Powder Manufacturer GOEX    Goex Powder

Everything under the sun at a discount    The Sportsmans Guide

The Ammo Depot    Ammo Depot

NRA Article on the 105th National Skirmish in the Sept. 2002 issue of the American Rifleman -    NRA article on 105th National Skirmish

Buffalo Arms, suppliers of antique brass and a source of Maynard Centerfire Cartridge BrassBuffalo Arms

Rocky Mountain Cartridge Company, makers of an very wide range of antique brass and a source of Maynard Centerfire Cartridge BrassRocky Mountain Cartridge Company