The Lone Star Skirmish


February 24-25, 2001


On Wednesday February 21st,  an intrepid group of Skirmishers took to the road, braved numerous obstacles, and headed for San Antonio, Texas to participate in the Legendary Lone Star Skirmish.  Elements of the Washington Blue Rifles and the 8th Virginia Volunteer Infantry, in a true North-South Confederation, set out on a skirmish odessy.  Packing up in the pre-dawn hours our skirmishers reeked of professionalism as they loaded their gear into the War Wagon.


pix1fredsbutt.jpg (235847 bytes) pix2alexnfred.jpg (175097 bytes)


Hmmm, Fred not your best side here.

Wake up Alex, you're driving.


pix3chrisnalex.jpg (34749 bytes)

Well, Fred will drive and we'll sit in back.


The War Wagon trundled out of Fredericksburg and headed down to Charlottesville.   We made good time and dreamed of victories to come.  However, suddenly it was Breakfast time.  Where to eat?


pix4AntSara.jpg (215306 bytes) pix6roadview.jpg (221556 bytes)

Well, Aunt Sarah's leaped out at us.  Stoking up on eggs, bacon, pancakes, biscuits, and grits (Fred how can you eat that stuff?), we hit the road again.   Looking ahead, we realized - we could see a long way ahead.  So, we kicked back in those Captain chairs, set the cruise control and talked about sight pictures.   Our first stop was in Shiloh to visit the museum and tour the battlefield.

shilohmuseum.jpg (360989 bytes) shilohfredmem.jpg (99286 bytes)

Ever drawn to the big guns, Fred and Alex pose by the museum cannon.  Fred posed next to the Confederate memorial.


fredmystrycannon.jpg (108773 bytes) wiardrifle.jpg (41936 bytes)

If anyone can identify the mystery cannon please email me.  We weren't sure what we had found.  Shiloh has some interesting cannons scattered around, some pictures of them follow.  Starting with a nice Wiard gun.  Alex hams it up with a brass cannon, and poses by the War Wagon.

wiardrifle2.jpg (95409 bytes) alexcanonshiloh.jpg (70152 bytes)
fredmem2.jpg (51598 bytes) alexvanshiloh.jpg (92763 bytes)

Back on the road we found a surprising town nearby.  John, take note, must be relatives.

pix9crump.jpg (52889 bytes) pix8crump.jpg (36430 bytes)

Finally though, we are pointed in the right direction as the next shots show.

aftershilohroad.jpg (9656 bytes) rte40sign.jpg (7952 bytes)
confedblvd.jpg (5469 bytes) arkansasbound.jpg (26844 bytes)

We left Tennessee and moved into Arkansas.  We were pleased to see that they were working on the roads, they need it!  We also learned that William Jefferson Clinton grew up in Hope, Arkansas, and that Little Rock was the first Capital City he called home.   All of us felt we could have done without knowing that, but obviously Arkansas is proud of their boy who made good.  Wonder why they don't want him back?  A few memorable pictures below.  The rest stops weren't bad though, if you like the stainless steel motif.


arkansasroad.jpg (16089 bytes) arkansasrest.jpg (44847 bytes)
arkansasflag.jpg (14511 bytes) eveningroad.jpg (12553 bytes)

Leaving Arkansas and the wavy roads behind we moved into Texas.  It was worth driving well into the evening to get there, we spent the night in Garland.  Love those Motel 6's!

fuzzytexas.jpg (23260 bytes) wacosign.jpg (22497 bytes)


Finally, the next day (Friday) we arrived at our destination.  Kicking back in the room, we celebrated with a taste of Tullamere Dew and talked about the skirmish the next day.  That and where to eat that night.  Below is the intrepid group who made the trip, Alex, Fred, and Chris who drove and Roni who flew.

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roniroom.jpg (47204 bytes) grouproom.jpg (45091 bytes)

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