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2000 Musket-Carbine Team Aggregate Winners - Spring National


A Team (2nd Place), B Team and C Team (1st Place)


A Team (2nd Place), B Team (3rd Place) and C Team (1st Place)


A Team and B Team (2nd Place)

Henry Team

A Team placed 18th


A Team placed 16th (better than the Mortar they weren't last!)



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The Washington Blue Rifles are one of the founding teams of the North-South Skirmish Association. Holding the team seniority number of 002, the "Blues" as they are often called, also have a number of early members of the N-SSA on the team. Many members have participated in skirmishing for over 20 years.

The Blues are currently the winningest team in the association. Using a proven technique of shooting qualifications, the team has consistently placed either at the top, or in the top 3, of nearly all matches held in the past 20 years. Participating in team competitions with Musket, Carbine, and percussion Revolver, the Blues have been difficult to beat. Often team competitions are decided by a matter of mere seconds.

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